Why the US Should Teach Coding Early

Have you ever wondered why so many other countries are doing so well with their education systems while ours continually falls behind every year?

I believe having computer programming and coding built into the fundamental curriculum in every pre-collegiate school as a national standard could drastically change how our society functions. We are talking about the death of all the people who call their nerd friends every time their internet lags (not them actually dying, just them actually knowing how to fix their internet connectivity issues would be immensely helpful for us nerds).

Seriously though, let’s think about how society would look if everyone knew the basics of how our world operated. We all carry computers in our pockets, we drive them to work, and then we work on them all day. Yet we don’t know how any of it works.

Computer programming and coding is a unique skill set that requires an entirely different frame of reference. Even mathematics requires a unique frame of reference, but it is surpassed by the logical taxation coding has on the human brain. Imagine if you were asked, at a very young age, to create a series of “if-then” statements every day. Even if you were naturally inclined to think more abstractly, this practice would allow you to take a different position in your life. You would be able to take a step back and analyze causation and correlation.  This type of thinking is not perfect or applicable half the time, but the versatility that it brings could drastically improve everyone’s quality of life. It provides the ability to find flaws in places you never even knew existed, as well as being able to figure out a smarter way to do things.

When you are having a conversation with a computer, it is like having a conversation with a friend who always corrects your grammar and word choice. Eventually, after hanging out with that friend you are a much more presentable and knowledgeable individual – especially when the time calls for you to put on that facade. Only when you need to practice analytical skills does coding improve your life. You may ask a question because it is innate to your new way of thinking, but was oblivious to everyone else in the room. Imagine if that question, the most important question to ask in that moment, wasn’t oblivious to everyone. Imagine if you weren’t there to ask that question and it never gets asked. Then someone makes a choice they shouldn’t have and now 100 people are out of a job, a marriage ends, or a kid turns to drugs.

When people can create an air-tight logical case in their own mind, they are able to believe in themselves and their opinions like they never have before. If our country taught our children to think in new ways that challenged them, we would be one step closer to a better society.

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Article by Jake Tullis.

Why the US Should Teach Coding Early

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