What Is Iteration In Entrepreneurship?

In the tech industry, there is one word that seems to be utilized when one attempts to describe the process of bringing a concept to fruition. This term is Iteration, or the iterative process. I personally do not enjoy that word. The word desensitizes exactly what happens in entrepreneurship when your idea starts to become a physical product the end consumer can interact with. The world almost slays all the zest that is associated with going against the herd and actually building value in this world.

Iteration is simply the process of taking an idea for a product, feature, or otherwise a concept; and making it a reality. It is the process of bringing, in this context, software to the material world and building a business around it. In the software industry you will hear Big Wigs discuss their own process as if it were something exceptional – which it very well could be. At Elosophy, our process is very client oriented and provides a unique experience for our clients. So, I must say there is room for one company to set themselves apart with their own iterative process. However, the point is that this term “iteration” is the death of poeticism within the entrepreneurial spirit.

What we now call iteration use to be called “going against the herd.” It used to be taking all the risks and putting everything on the line. It used to be headliners about proving the world how wrong it was about you. Now it is all about the logic, the process, the “to market strategy”, everything under the blue moon except for taking a chance on an idea.

I am not saying that the process of how you make a dream a reality is not important, in fact it is one of the most important things. I just personally believe we all need to take a breath and realize most people don’t even know how to dream. So when you are seamlessly talking about iteration, try not to forget what it really is: you chasing down all you ever wanted.

Article by Jake T. Tullis

What Is Iteration In Entrepreneurship?

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