Custom software has become a very intuitive option for business needs. Why? Well, there are a variety of factors beyond technology’s competitive implications in modern business. It’s also not about trying to make the “coolest” mobile app. Custom software services allow full analysis of the user’s requirements so that the user can have exactly what they want and scale with it. One can think of a business process and significantly improve that with the right software – isn’t that beautiful?

According to Market Wired, nearly 90% of IT decision makers believe custom software is driving technology innovation, 72% acknowledge traditional solutions are too slow, and 52% are likely to use custom software over other software packages. Other than innovation, what are other driving factors leading custom software to be an imperative source for business solutions?


Custom development is a great way to beef up your security. Hackers would have difficulty discovering vulnerabilities with a custom software product due to its uniqueness. Additionally, custom software allows complete control of the program. This can lead to incredible savings and improved brand trust.

In the recent Global State of Information Security Survey in 2016, theft of intellectual property increased by 56% in 2015 and 38% more security incidents were detected in 2015 than 2014. With that being said, many companies are working hard to ensure their data is safe and secure.

Scalability and Integrations

With custom software, scalability is of little issue. A company should be able to grow without being limited by its software or hardware. Custom developers can tailor a program to the capabilities and vendor of a company’s hardware. In some cases, licensing software could mean purchasing extra hardware.

Custom software can seamlessly change according to business needs without restricting the amount of users, integrations, or storage. It can also operate with a business’s current software packages with little to no error – allowing IT teams to sleep easy at night.


Custom software is maintained as long as the company is! Of course, there is the reliability and talent the developer – depending on the developer or firm. It is always necessary to ensure the developer or firm is a trustworthy source with credible work that they are transparent about. We at Elosophy preach reliability and customer satisfaction in this regard and ensure our clients receive top talent in addition to the best possible experience. Be sure to do your research!


For some companies, custom software could be an economical option. A good amount of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products have varying costs that are dependent on the number of users with charges on a consistent basis. Larger companies that would otherwise have large teams utilizing a particular SaaS could potentially see a better ROI in custom software since they wouldn’t be charged on a recurring per user basis.

Whether or not custom software or SaaS is appropriate for a company’s needs is debatable – overall it should be dependent on what the company does need and what has best ROI to help it be competitive. If you are deciding whether or not custom software is right for your company, we at Elosophy would be happy to assess that with you. Check out our  full development services!

Article by Michael Howard

Michael Howard is the Chief Marketing Officer at Elosophy. Follow them on LinkedIn!