Why the US Should Teach Coding Early

  Have you ever wondered why so many other countries are doing so well with their education systems while ours continually falls behind every year? I believe having computer programming and coding built into the fundamental curriculum in every pre-collegiate school as a national standard could drastically change how our society functions. We are talking about the death of all the people who call their nerd friends every time their internet lags (not them actually dying, just them actually knowing…

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Quantum Computing Will Change Our Lives

  Have you ever wondered what our present state of prosperity would look like if we stumbled upon cold fusion 50 years ago and figured out that mystery of our universe? What would the industries that would have been erected, the median quality of life per capita in the world, or maybe even the gadgets you’d be able to play with be like? Quantum computers rely on quantum mechanics to work, and quantum mechanics is CRAZY. Let us also not…

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